Isotonix Essentials® Anti-Aging - Single Box (30 Packets)

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With age comes wisdom…and a variety of challenges associated with aging. Even the healthiest of adults are affected by the physical and mental effects of aging, because of the inherent nature of the process. Although a healthy diet is essential to getting the nutrients the body needs to look and feel well, taking daily supplements can be a good way support optimal health. We too often accept lower energy and strength as we mature, however, supplements can add the needed vitamins and minerals to balance the demands of the body and brain as we get older.Isotonix Essentials® Anti-Aging can help you maintain the vitality of your body as you gracefully move up in years. It features a dynamic, custom blend of antioxidants, botanicals and minerals designed to provide the vitamins and minerals you need as your body ages. Our Anti-Aging formula helps support brain and cognitive health, provides a strong antioxidant defense and provides daily nutrients to support healthy aging. It also helps support skeletal and muscular health.* Combat aging today and defend your body’s youthful vigor with Isotonix Essentials® Anti-Aging! *

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Excellent product

Makes you feel productive


  • Shop Consultant

Energy and Stamina

This is great for ANYONE BUT especially over 35: The Active B's that actually give you energy along with all the loaded nutrients in here is amazing. The absorption is so fast... I take it everyday.


  • Shop Consultant

My product review

I love the product. It helps me feel balanced and energetic.



Is Isotonic Essentials Anti-Aging to be used instead of or added to my Daily Essentials?

Response from Customer Service:
March 12, 2019

Dear Valued Customer-
Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the Anti-Aging Essentials and the Daily Essentials. Our Anti-Aging Essentials is the strongest multivitamin we offer. So, you would not take the Daily Essentials with it. Instead, you would just add OPC-3 to your Anti-Aging Essentials every day!
I hope this helps! Should you need anything more, you can contact us directly at 336.389.6987 or by email
The Product Information Team