Prime Feminene® Female Support Formula - Single Bottle (30 Servings)

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Menopause is a natural biological process, defined as the time when a woman has naturally ceased having menstrual periods for one year. Common symptoms associated with menopause are both emotional and physical. Emotional symptoms can include mood swings, difficulty sleeping, increased irritability, low energy and feelings of sadness. Physical symptoms are often pain during intercourse due to vaginal dryness, night sweats and hot flashes. Considering the average age of menopause in the United States is only 52 years old – while the age of onset varies and can occur anytime between 40 and 60 - these symptoms can be challenging for women still living a full and active life. In addition, prior to menopause, some women experience perimenopause, a time-period that can include many of the symptoms of menopause before menstruation actually stops.* At an age when many women are still juggling a career, family, friends and commitments, dealing with the symptoms of menopause or perimenopause can leave women looking for some relief. Several scientific studies have demonstrated how select herbs, vitamins and minerals help to promote optimal female health especially during times of menopause or perimenopause, without the harmful side effects of unnatural alternatives.*Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is another natural, biological process that women go through. It occurs for up to two weeks prior to menstruation, and has been associated with a deficiency or excess of hormones. Symptoms of PMS include increased levels of anger and stress, bloating, breast tenderness, abdominal discomfort, sadness, short-term fatigue, head discomfort, hostility, trouble sleeping, joint discomfort, mood swings, nervousness and tension. Needless to say, finding relief from PMS symptoms is also important to many women.*Prime™ Feminene® Female Support Formula is a dietary supplement created to help reduce hot flashes and night sweats, as well as other mild symptoms commonly associated with menopause or perimenopause as well as PMS. It may help stabilize moods and keep hormones in balance during these challenging, yet natural, biological processes women go through.*Specially formulated with select nutrients, Prime Feminene includes herbs like black cohosh, dong quai, soy extract, wild yam and chasteberry. It also provides select vitamins to help with mood and stress.  Prime Feminine helps women keep their bodies in balance resulting in a more balanced life.  When juggling so many things in life, the last thing women want is to have unbalanced hormones and mood swings to deal with as well.*  

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Works Great

Helps minimize hot flashes for me



This supplement along with the TLS lifestyle has definitely helped me feel more balanced and in control.


  • Shop Consultant

It surely works

I started the pill three months ago. I gradually see the effect. Now my hot flush is gone, Sleeping much better. This is not a medicine gives an immediate relief, howeve, as long as I stick to it, all the symptoms are gone just all of a sudden. Highly recommended


Great product

My daughter uses everyday and she does get night sweats any more. She is only 35 but her meds she takes gives her night sweats. This product helps a lot.


Love this supplement!

No more hot flashes and helps me to stabilize my mood!