Motives® 極致眼線筆 - 咖啡色

$15.50 USD







  • Waterproof, long-lasting formula
  • Velvet touch precision tip for accurate application
  • Will not scratch, tug, or slip
  • Available in neutral colors that will enhance your eyes’ natural beauty


Hyaluronic Acid In addition to its functional use for making our liquid eyeliners easy to apply, hyaluronic acid also helps keep your skin hydrated and supple.

Demethicone This fluid silicone polymer is well known for its flow properties, so it enhances the smooth application of your liquid eyeliner.

Iron Oxide Iron oxides are naturally-occurring mineral compounds that are used as pigments in various ways. These iron oxides offer deep, rich colors from orange, red, and yellow to black that accentuate your eyes.


How are liquid eyeliners different than pencil eyeliners? Pencil eyeliners are applied by rubbing the pencil on your lash line. This tends to create a smudged effect. Liquid eyeliners are much more precise. Liquid eyeliners also tend last longer, as they do not easily rub off.

How do I apply a liquid eyeliner? Take the corner of your eye and gently pull outward. Then, carefully use the felt tip to smooth across your lash line, starting with the inside corner and sweeping outward. For a subtle look, keep your line thin and as close to the lash line as possible. For a more dramatic look, use the side of the felt tip to create a thicker line.

Do the available colors work with every eye color? Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line comes in Jet Black and Chocolate Brown. Because they are two neutral colors, they will accent any eye color.

What does “waterproof” really mean? This liner is waterproof in the sense that it will not run or smudge while swimming or exercising. However, it does come off easily with a waterproof eye makeup remover, so if you mess up when you’re applying it don’t worry! You can wipe it off and start again.

Can I use this product to create a smoky eye? Yes. Though pencil eyeliners are generally better for creating a smoky eye due to the ability to smudge them, you can use a liquid liner as well. Immediately after application, take a brush like the Motives Angled Eyeliner Brush, wet it slightly, and drag across the eye line to soften the edges. This will create the illusion of a smudged pencil line without losing the stay power of liquid eyeliner.