Motives® Angled Sponge Brush海綿刷 - 單支裝

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  • Enhance your makeup application with the perfect tool
  • Convenient and easy to clean
  • The essential brush for your perfect foundation coverage for your face
  • Made from the finest materials available
  • Brushes are made cruelty free


How do I use Motives Angled Jumbo Sponge Brush?
There are a couple of different ways to use Motives Jumbo Angled Sponge Brush. You can use it to blend a liquid foundation similar to using a wedge sponge. The Motives Jumbo Angled Sponge Brush can also be used to blot the face after applying liquid foundation to remove any excess product.

What products does Motives Jumbo Angled Sponge Brush work best with?
We suggest that you use the Motives Jumbo Angled Sponge Brush to apply Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation, Motives for La La Liquid Foundation or Custom Blend.

Will I have to keep replacing this brush since it’s a sponge?
No, the Motives Jumbo Angled Sponge Brush is a durable, easy to clean brush that can be use for multiple applications. We recommend cleaning the brush once a week by swirling in plain bar soap and rinsing clean with water. Lay flat to dry to protect the brush and prevent water from draining into the handle.

Is Motives Jumbo Angled Sponge Brush durable?
Yes, Motives Jumbo Angled Sponge Brush is made from durable synthetic material that withstands repetitive use.

Is this product made from cruelty-free practices?
Yes, this brush is made cruelty-free.


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Love this!!!

This sponge is awesome! Makes your foundation go on flawless like airbrushed look. I am in luv!