Motives® Custom Palettes - 組盒可填裝2色頰彩和4色眼影

$11.00 USD

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  • 超輕薄的磁吸式彩盤,可任意組合
  • 兩種不同尺寸的彩妝組盒,可收納您喜愛的Motives粉妍眼彩*和Motives粉妍頰彩*
  • 攜帶方便*Motives粉妍眼彩與Motives粉妍頰彩需另行購買


Frequently Asked Questions about Motives® Custom Palettes: What Motives products can I put in my Motives Custom Palette? There are three different designs of palettes to choose from. The first will hold up to five eye shadows, the second eight eye shadows, and the third will hold two blushes and four eye shadows. Are the Motives Custom Palettes refillable? Yes; the shadows and blushes are sold separately, so you can refill the custom palettes as you need to. Does each palette come with the necessary brushes? Yes. The 5 Eye Shadow Custom Palette comes with two double-sided eye shadow brushes. The 2 Blushes and 4 Eye Shadows Palette comes with one double-sided eye shadow brush and one blush brush. The 8 Pan Custom Palette comes with two double-sided eye shadow brushes. When I order a custom palette does it come with the colors I want? No, the colors are sold separately. This way you can add your existing colors to the palette or purchase new ones. The palettes are customizable so you can design a palette just for you. Is this compact good for travel? Yes. The magnetic compact is durable and sleek and holds all the secrets to your flawless face! It’s perfect for on-the-go women because it’s durable but lightweight, so it can fit in a purse or clutch easily.


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  • 購物顧問

I put the eyeshadow colors I use most and take it everywhere with me!

  • 購物顧問

After having your make over done, Your favourite colors can fit into one easy to carry compact. all the colors you will use, and love. Your choice of colors, there you will use all of them, no left over colors. Its Personal for every look you like and choose.

  • 購物顧問

I love that you can make your own pallett of color! How cool! Easy to travel with and pits in your purse! Lasts a long time!

this Custom Palettes u can put any eyeshadow or blush you want to bring it with to travel or everyday!! very easy to use!!

  • 購物顧問

This creates a unique one-of-a-kind product just for you! I love that you can customise with your favourite eyeshadows and blushes and it's small enough to keep in your purse for every day use. It's perfect for somebody like me who is constantly traveling; I don't need to worry about whether or not I've brought the right eyeshadows- they're all tucked away in one convenient location! Since it's fully customisable, I only put the colours that I want; no more buying full pallets just for the one or two colours that I like.