Motives® Lustrafy Mascara魔眼愛戀睫毛膏 - Dark Chocolate深褐色

$19.95 USD

此產品為何與眾不同? 不論日妝或晚妝,濃密捲翹的睫毛絕不可少! 魔眼愛戀睫毛膏能將睫毛向上提拉,不需使用睫毛夾就可創造 纖長捲翹的效果,睫毛持久定型不暈染,讓妳成為電力十足的美麗「翹」佳人。





不論日妝或晚妝,濃密捲翹的睫毛絕不可少! 魔眼愛戀睫毛膏能將睫毛向上提拉,不需使用睫毛夾就可創造 纖長捲翹的效果,睫毛持久定型不暈染,讓妳成為電力十足的美麗「翹」佳人。



· 其濃密配方及大刷頭設計,讓妳輕鬆刷出濃密俏麗、驚豔亮眼的睫毛

· 可使睫毛上提及捲翹,不需使用睫毛夾,即可創造假睫毛般的立體妝效

· 溫和

· 添加維生素 B5 ,可滋養睫毛

· 不暈染、不剝落,塑造閃閃動人的睫毛


Key Ingredients Found in Motives® Lustrafy Mascara: Panthenol Panthenol is precursor to vitamin B5. It binds to and penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize and smooth the hair. By providing moisture to the hair, panthenol helps to strengthen hair, and help make it appear fuller and thicker.


Frequently Asked Questions about Motives® Lustrafy Mascara: Will Motives Lustrafy Mascara make my eyelashes grow? Though your lashes will look longer and fuller, this mascara is not meant for eyelash growth or thickening. Fixx Lash Extend will help your lashes grow. Is Motives Lustrafy Mascara waterproof? No. If you would rather use waterproof mascara, try Motives Lustrafy Waterproof Mascara. Which color of Motives Lustrafy Mascara should I use? It depends on your desired look. The Dark Chocolate will make your lashes look softer and more natural, while Blackout will give your lashes a dramatic boost. What will my lashes look like after I use Motives Lustrafy Mascara? Your lashes will look fuller, darker, and longer after using Motives Lustrafy Mascara. The large brush will also give your lashes a dramatic curl without using an eyelash curler. Will Motives Lustrafy Mascara come off easily? While you’re wearing it, Motives Lustrafy Mascara will not smudge or flake off, leaving unsightly marks on your face. However, it is easily removed with an eye makeup remover and warm water.