DNA Miracles Flora Melts - Single Box (30 Packets)

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DNA Miracles® Flora Melts are a delicious dietary supplement for children, delivering probiotic and prebiotic support for digestive and immune health.* They provide a unique group of prebiotic functional starches paired with Lactospore®, a probiotic for optimal digestive and intestinal microflora health in children and adults.*Each serving of Flora Melts features LactoSpore®†, a spore of the probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans, that provides strong immune and intestinal defense while surviving stomach acid and the harsh gastrointestinal environment. In addition, DNA Miracles Flora Melts contain one gram of soluble fiber and three different sources of prebiotics – a blend of Jerusalem artichoke, apple fiber and chicory root fiber – to promote optimal health.  By offering three powerful, yet different prebiotic fibers, DNA Miracles Flora Melts also support healthy metabolism. *Regular supplementation with a probiotic and prebiotic can support optimal gut, metabolic, immune, and overall health. ¥ So create a digestive health routine for you and your child – and make it fun with DNA Miracles! Enjoy Flora Melts as they magically dissolve on the tongue, or, simply mix our melt stick with food or beverage.Healthy bellies make happy little miracles! ± synbiotic – a probiotic(s) and prebiotic(s) combined together†LactoSpore® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation.

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Love the taste and my son loves it too!

So easy to use and tastes great! Son begs for it!


Great tasting and great product!

Love these new flora melts. Makes giving probiotics to our children so much easier because they love the taste. They especially love to sprinkle it on their fresh fruits as well as applesauce!


A great pre + Pro- biotic for Kids

It has a pleasant taste. definitely try it in applesauce. Watch your children will ask for more flora melt. A great problem to have.