MPC® Maximum Prostate Care - Single Bottle (30 Servings)

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Over the years, a variety of nutraceuticals have been used to support prostate health. The use of herbs to promote prostate well being is increasingly popular in Europe with several successful clinical trials. The key to selecting a natural alternative to prostate care is to look for herbs and nutrients that work in concert together like saw palmetto, reishi, zinc and selenium. MPC Maximum Prostate Care combines nine potent herbs and two select nutrients that work synergistically to promote optimal prostate health. Each of these ingredients on their own, while valuable to your overall health, would not have a significant effect on your prostate. They need to be carefully selected and in just the right quantity to work collectively to benefit the prostate.*In addition to having a significant effect on overall prostate health, studies have shown that selenium, one of the essential minerals in MPC Maximum Prostate Care, promotes overall prostate health. Other potent herbs and nutrients in MPC help to maintain blood pressure, promote healthy cholesterol levels, maintain healthy sperm count, support male libido, support a healthy immune system and promote healthy prostate cells. Market America has taken the time in creating MPC Maximum Prostate Care to ensure that the selected herbs and nutrients will maximize the health of the prostate and effectively optimize overall health.*Related terms: MPC® Maximum Prostate Care, prostate health, prostate, male libido, prostate cells, saw palmetto, zinc, pygeum, healthy prostate

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MPC review

I'm a fifty five years old male, for many years I used to make 2-3 trips to the bathroom each night, only on few occasions I'm lucky to sleep though the night. After taking MPC for about 2 weeks, I noticed trips are less frequent. Love this MPC product.

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November 26, 2019

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It works.

It works. Friends keep reordering . Thanks.


Great stuff!

This stuff works. BUY IT!


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Bruce R

Prostate cancer runs in my family. I don't believe in taking chances! This product has allowed me to sleep all night without frequenting the bathroom 2-6 times. I will never go without this product. And it is reasonably priced. I just referred a friend to it and he can't stop thanking me, he is now sleeping all night also with no bathroom visits!


It does work

My father had some prostate issues, this product made all the difference. After being on the supplement for a few months, he noticed the difference, now he no longer has any problem going to bathroom, and he takes the product on a regular basis to help maintain healthy prostate. At his age, 80+, his prostate is in good shape.