Prime Dreamz™ - Single Bottle (20 Servings)

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What Makes Prime Dreamz™ Unique? When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day? Prime Dreamz™ allows a good night's sleep to become a reality. Created with new technological breakthroughs in the anti-aging field, Prime Dreamz is a unique product designed for anyone who has trouble with restful sleep. Prime Dreamz contains all-natural ingredients designed to help people fall quickly into a deep sleep and awaken feeling refreshed — not groggy and tired. Prime Dreamz is formulated to help even light sleepers reach the last and most important stages of sleep.*

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Great sleep

I loved the product! I can finally get a good nights sleep!


  • Shop Consultant

Work Grind=Need Sleep

I bought this product and i am only 22 years old, so i thought I'd give it to someone older than me. I have trouble falling asleep when i work tight shifts and I'd always use melatonin but it never seemed to slow down my brain activity. Last night i had to sleep from 5pm-10pm cause i just got off wkrk at 5pm and had to be back at 11pm, then stay up till 10pm that next day.... so i tried prime dreamz. I fell asleep within 35minutes feeling tired and i woke up at 10:20pm feeling so rejuvenated and ready to get up for the day. Ive been working and training and i am so focused. Ive never experienced such relief and alertness with having little sleep. I am more that recommending this product to everyone, including my age group!


Best sleep in a long time

A friend recommended this product to me after noticing I could not rest at night. I would be exhausted then I’d hit the pillow and my brain would go into overdrive. I have taken this product past two nights and have gotten a full nights sleep and woke feeling good not groggy at all. No side effects what so ever. Thankful I found this all natural alternative to medications that have side effects and left me feeling sleepy all day. Thanks Cyndy


  • Shop Consultant

50% increase in deep sleep [instantly]

I am a Wellness Coach. Turn your sleep into income.... PRIME DREAMZ TESTIMONY: DEEP SLEEP! If you don’t get it, you suffer. Human growth hormone is released in pulses during deep sleep, and interruption of this stage abruptly stops its release. Deep sleep also resets your brain improving cognitive function [memory, learning] 2 of my clients, measured their sleep rations. They were both on the low end of the spectrum for getting DEEP SLEEP. Using Prime Dreamz their DEEP SLEEP ration increased by @50% in one night and took them from the low end of acceptable to OPTIMAL LEVELS OF DEEP SLEEP. In one night. One clients went from 10% to 16% - the other from 8% to 15%. [For their age over 60 - 16% is optimal…]


  • Shop Consultant

83 years old Mom uses Dreamz

My 83 years old mother has problem sleeping at night. She was using prescription medication to help her go to sleep. She started to use Dreamz the last few days and said it is helping her to fall asleep quicker. Along with Turn Down, both products are giving her quality sleep at night. For myself, I use Dreamz only when I need it. It's great help to get to a quality deep sleep!! I would recommend this product to anyone who have problem falling asleep at night.