Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Sunscreen - Single Tube (4 oz. / 118ml)

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Skin is our body’s greatest protector. It is the first line of defense against exterior elements, like germs, weather or moisture. Skin also functions as a regulator for body temperature, fluids and sensory perception (i.e. cold, health, touch, pain).1 This is why it’s so important to take care of your skin.On those picturesque days when you’re out enjoying activities under blue skies, and even on cloudier days, never ending sun rays can do damage in no time! Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Sunscreen aims to shield your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Our SPF 30 sunscreen is mineral-based and contains zinc oxide, an ingredient providing effective protection mild enough even for most people with sensitive skin. Mineral sunscreens, also known as physical sunscreens, contain mineral compounds such as zinc oxide that sit on top of the skin, reflect, scatter, and absorb ultraviolet rays.2 According to the EPA, these mineral compounds do not typically cause allergic reactions.2 No matter your age, race or ethnicity, everyone is subject to the potential dangers of sun exposure – UV radiation. UVA rays penetrate the skin and contribute to premature aging, while UVB rays primarily affect the surface of the skin and are the main culprits of sunburn.2 When you go outside unprotected – whether the sun is blazing or it is cloudy, hot or cold – you risk the chance of exposure to UV rays.  Sunburns increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Add our Premium Brand Sunscreen to your skincare routine to help provide an important layer of defense against the sun!

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