vitamind® Mind Enhancement Formula - Single Bottle (30 Servings)

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Vitamind is a safe and natural means to help support cognitive function, support energy levels, support healthy brain tissue and combat the negative effects of stress. It contains a special blend of ingredients which have been shown to support brain health, function and efficiency. Vitamind is not a stimulant. Vitamind allows the body to create a healthy maintenance environment for the brain naturally so it can perform more efficiently. When the body fosters a healthier environment for the mind, the brain is more alert with greater mental acuity, without the need for stimulants. Incorporating Vitamind into a healthy diet and exercise routine can contribute to cognitive function, overall brain health and healthy energy and stress levels.

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love how this product gives me mental alertness and a sharp memory especially when I do public speaking !!!


  • Shop Consultant

Great for Concentration!

I bought Vitamind for my adult son a couple of years ago. He only took a few tablets, then forgot about it!
Recently he found it in his cupboard and thought, “Why not? Nothing else is helping!” He said his concentration improved greatly! So he cannot wait to see what the new tablets will do!!


Vitamind purchase

I really love this product but the last time I purchased it, it took 2 months to get it because it was backordered. I'm afraid to reorder because of this. Products should be labeled that they are back-ordered BEFORE they are ordered.