Motives® Visionaire Lip & Cheek Palette - Includes six dual-purpose crèmes

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Visionaire. A palette bursting with six euphoric, dual purpose crèmes that apply effortlessly to lips and cheeks. From sheer to vibrant, these blendable shades are fitting for any day of the week.The Visionaire Lip & Cheek Palette includes the following shades (from top going clockwise):Hypnotic: a shimmery sheer with iridescent flakes. Makes the perfect highlighter or lip stain.Exhale: a deep brick red with buildable color.Pop: a bold poppy shade, great for cheeks or lips.Trance: a dark matte violet berry.Euphoria: a warm neutral that applies effortlessly sheer.Assumption: Don’t let the color shy you away, this shade applies to a stunning amethyst stain for lips and cheeks.Create this Look:Apply Pop to eye lids and lips.Sweep Hypnotic as a highlighter to cheeks and under eyebrow.

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