Motives® 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray - Single bottle (4 fl. oz.)

$29.95 USD

A setting spray that mists on weightlessly to reduce makeup slippage and keep skin looking beautifully flawless. Save up to 50% of makeup usage with this unique spray. Keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day.

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Good stuff!

Been using it for 10 years. Wouldn’t use anything else. Lasts all day. Keeps my make up in place and makes me look younger. How could I not keep buying it?


  • Shop Consultant

Can I get an AMEN sister?

When you have a schedule like me and you need to look spot on all day.... an live in ARIZONA... This will be your very best friends. Brides LOVE this as well.. The best setting spray I have EVER used. Great to spray on your legs and enhance a little shine as well. Highly recommend!!


  • Shop Consultant

This is pretty handy....

My hairspray leaked ALL OVER in my luggage... and I ran out.... guess what I used... something that loves my skin...but can hold my hair. Who knew. You use what you have. The beautiful finish on your makeup is great... the finish it gave my hair when I had no hairspray... perfect. So it did double duty. While I prefer hairspray... this works in a pinch.


Best Spray of All Time

Takes the glow, the highlight, the shimmer from a 5 to 50! Helps everything settle and blend. Make up game changer!


So noticeable when I forget!

This product does so much more than finish makeup .... my favorite thing is the added moisture it gives my skin that when it dries my face not only looks creamier, but it gives my face a setting that keeps my makeup from rubbing off onto my clothes or others. It's like it keeps you from melting. Face looks fresh all day.