Shopping Annuity® Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap - Sage Lime - Single Bottle (8 fl oz / 236 ml)

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Shopping Annuity® Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap is a plant-based hand soap that both cleans and moisturizes. This USDA certified soap is available in a Sage Lime scent. Tough on germs, yet gentle on your skin – you’ll love using Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Hand Soap when the call for clean hands arises.A University of Michigan study found that out of 3,749 people, about 95% did not adequately wash their hands (see CDC recommendation) long enough to kill germs.1 The sample group, of which 10% did not wash their hands at all1, was observed in public restrooms.Think about this scenario in your own life. How long are you washing your hands after using the restroom? How often are you washing your hands? How thoroughly are you washing your hands?Germs don’t just breed in the restroom though. Whether it’s after a trip to the toilet, handling raw meat, coughing into your hand, or grabbing handles while standing on public transit, the risk of germ spread rises. Handwashing is one of the most important steps to avoid spreading germs and getting sick.2 Add Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Soap to your home or office as a part of your health and hygiene routine!

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  • Shop Consultant


We can't say enough good things about this soap. Very happy with it. Thank you.

I have one recommendation: Create refill containers. The results: Not needing to discard a perfectly good dispenser each time...and save a few bucks at the same time.


  • Shop Consultant


This product could not be more perfect! It’s squeaky clean, organic, light, and hard-working. I can’t seem to buy enough of these. I even take them along for travel as they have spoiled me for all other hand soaps. Great for those of us with sensitive skin who wash our hands a hundred times a day!


Best eye glass cleaner

So many reasons to love this product but the most for me is how well it cleans our eye glasses without streaks for residue


Favorite product under the Shopping Annuity Line

Love the smell. Plus it's organic and it's very easy to wash off. You just need a little bit of the product and you're good to go. My family loves it as well.


  • Shop Consultant

Love the scent!

Love the scent of the hand soap and how it cleanses so well without drying my hands.