Shopping Annuity® Brand Performance Razors Disposable Pack for Men - Includes three disposable razors

$5.99 USD

Whether you’re getting rid of that grizzly bear look or just want to shape things up, a solid razor is essential. Get the job done with Shopping Annuity Brand Performance Razors Disposable Pack for Men. Quadruple blade performance, soothing moisture protection and an ergonomic design geared towards men make our disposable performance razors high in quality and value. The razor is designed especially for a man’s grip. It features a rubber handle to keep you in control of your shave for more comfortable, smooth and steady strokes making it easier to reach all the contours of your face. The moisture band, along with shaving cream, helps protect skin from dryness and irritation by gently lubricating, nourishing and conditioning for a more comfortable shave. Quadruple blade performance helps you achieve a closer, more precise shave. Additionally, the razor head features a rubber guard with built-in micro-fins that prepares the skin for razor contact to perform smoother strokes, and helps prevent unwanted nicks and cuts.Say goodbye to tough stubble and stay razor sharp with Performance Razors Disposable Pack for Men!


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Amazing For Disposable Razor

Hard to find good disposable razors that provides a smooth shave at this price. Very Happy with quality and much better than Shick, Bic and Gillette and less expensive.