Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Coffee - 36 Single Server Brew Cups (0.40 oz/11g each)

$29.95 USD

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Say hello to your new cup of Joe! Shopping Annuity® Brand has the roast for you with our 100% Arabica blend Premium Coffee. Whether coffee is your morning jolt after you rise or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, you’ll enjoy our Premium Coffee’s medium-bodied, balanced and smooth flavor. Plus, delight in the convenience of single serve cups – a quicker brew, less coffee waste and an easier cleanup!


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  • Shop Consultant

My K-Cup Coffee pods review

I really love the K-cup Coffee Pods! it gives me a smooth delicious full flavor cup of coffee in the morning!! I have tasted many other Keurig _Coffee pod brands, but The K-CUP premium coffee is my favorite!! I dare to say, it is better than Starbucks!!!


Taste good!

I am not fond of drinking coffee everyday because of my sleeping issues. I ordered this coffee for my husband to try for he loves drinking coffee every morning. But when I received the coffee, I didn't know that I can't fit to his coffee brewer. So, I decided to buy a K-cup brewer coffee to use the coffee that I have. And you know what happened? I have been drinking coffee after eating my breakfast and I love it even without mixing any coffee milk. It's coffee alone that I can drink it normally every morning.


the best coffee pods

I don't really care for K cup coffees but have been trying to find a brand I like for work as that is the only coffee brewing method we have. I tried our Shopping Annuity Brand Coffee and fell in love with it. Its full body flavor is similar to how I brew my coffee at home. It is not bitter and doesn't bother my stomach. It is a little pricey and I hope the price can come down a little. In the mean time, it is the only coffee I'll drink at work. Oh, and my co-workers like it as well!

Response from Customer Service:
April 8, 2019


We received your product review of the Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Coffee and wanted to thank you for your feedback! We are so glad you and your co-workers are loving the bold flavor! We apologize that you feel the pricing is expensive. In our research of other coffee pod brands our pricing is competitive in comparison and also has the added benefit of BV/IBV. Shopping Annuity Brand products are made specifically for UFOs to help build their business by accumulating BV/IBV from products they personally use every day.

We do also offer Partner Store Coffees with cash back incentives that may fit your needs better at this time! Simply search coffee on and be sure to select the option to show Partner store items in the results.

Thank you again for taking the time to send us your feedback!


  • Shop Consultant

Love the Taste

Love the taste of the K-cups. Tastes better than my old coffee brand. My family also loves the taste!! Price is comparable to other brands also get more K-cups than most for the price. Is decaf in the near future?


  • Shop Consultant

Great taste!

I just got this last night and tried it. I love a dark roast/full flavor coffee. This is the first K-cup coffee I really like!