Timeless Prescription® 3-Step Acne Control System - Includes Renewing Acne Cleanser (4 fl. oz./118 ml), Refreshing Acne Toner (4 fl. oz./118 ml) and Repairing Acne Lotion (2 fl. oz./59 ml)

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The simple, 3-step system contains powerful acne-fighting ingredients to clear acne blemishes and allow skin to heal. This unprecedented acne control system uses a breakthrough stabilized and time-released benzoyl peroxide, which maintains its potency over time. Benzoyl peroxide is easily absorbed into pores where it works by interfering with acne impurity metabolism through oxidation. For all ages and skin types, especially oily.

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By Nikki Sánchez

Este producto,sin duda es uno de los que más me ha impreciónado. Con los ingredients super efectivos,he podido limpiar las caritas de mis clients con acné. This product,with out a doubt has been one that has truly impressed me. With it's super effective ingredients, I have been able to clear away acne, from my clients skin.


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save my skin

There were small tinny bumps appeared on my lower left chin in June. Then it spread all over the chin, on the smile lines, up to sides of nose, forehead, and chicks. The bumps turned bigger, my skin feels like sandpaper and bumpy orange. Aloe Gel didn't help much. Then I saw the Timeless acne set at my son's restroom. I use the whole set once and apply the lotion to the bumpy area twice. After an hour, skin turned pink but not itchy due to my sensitive skin. The next morning, I applied aloe gel, and the pink was gone. At night time, skin was very dry after I washed it and saw peeling. Next morning, all the big bumps were gone!!! Praise God. I start using this set at night only to prevent the bumps coming back. Not sensitive any more.


My Motives Review

This 3 step regimen is very effective. I use the cleanser much faster than the toner and lotion. I wish Motives sells them separately.


Clears the acne without hurting your skin

This product is great. I bought it for my son. It has cleared up his skin, without all of the irritation of other products. He tried proactive and it was just way to harsh for his skin. So glad we found this!


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Better than a prescription

I've been fighting acne since my teens and have been on several prescriptions and tried many over the counters. This 3 combo has been the only product that has worked! I love how it makes my face look and feel. I have super oily skin and this does not dry it out but yet helps control the oils. The cleanser makes my skin feel extremely refreshed.